In the current context of COVID-19 and thinking about the safety of our clients and employees, GRUP IMMOGESTIO and its trademarks COSTAGIRONA and AGI APARTMENTS as operators of ACCOMMODATIONS FOR TOURIST USE, TOURIST APARTMENTS and HOTEL ESTABLISHMENTS have implemented our REDUCTION PROTOCOL OF THE CONTAGIO BY THE CORONAVIRUS SARS-CoV-2.


GRUP IMMOGESTIO, aware of the current risk of contagion, assumes a firm commitment to its management and for this reason, this PROTOCOL has been established with the coordination of the different processes of all our establishments in mind, a contingency plan has been drawn up detailing the concrete measures to reduce the risk for COVID-19, assuming the indications of the Health Authorities and involving all the levels of the company in the elaboration of the same.


A Health and Safety Committee has been created that includes the legal representation of the workers and the management of the company and whose functions are adjusted at all times to the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks, this committee has assumed the definition of strategies and the decision-making both to minimize the risks of infection and if it exists, take the necessary protection measures.


The Grup Immogestio staff have been specifically informed and trained in the ACTION PLAN FOR THE REDUCTION OF CONTAGION BY THE SARS-CoV-2 CORONAVIRUS, and specifically in the framework of risk management, must carry out the following points:

  • Know the specific measures that have been implemented and it is also your obligation to inform the client of them and indicate what must be done at all times
  • The staff will avoid physical greeting, including shaking hands, both to other staff and customers, respecting the safety distance at all times whenever possible
  • Depending on the risk of each job, the obligation to use the mask or not and its characteristics should be evaluated according to the work to be carried out
  • The obligations of the personnel are specified in the following points to take into account:
    • Dispose of any personal hygiene waste in the authorized containers.
    • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water following the WHO recommendations and, if this is not possible for the physical facilities of the building, to be carried out using disinfectant solution products.
    • Disinfect frequently, throughout the working day, using soap and water or, failing that, with disinfecting solutions, objects for personal use and the elements of the workplace, using in each case the specific products applied with a cloth or special disinfecting wipes.
    • Do not share work equipment with other employees and if they have to do it, disinfect them before alternating their use.
    • The personnel have received the necessary material for the performance of their work in optimal conditions and depending on the work to be carried out, one type of material or another must be used.

All the services provided by external companies in the different processes of the company have assumed the risk prevention plan, including within its procedures our PROTOCOL FOR THE REDUCTION OF CONTAGION BY THE CORONAVIRUS SARS-CoV-2


Application of preventive measures that have been established at the reception of our establishments:

  • The maximum capacity in the reception area has been determined with adhesive indications on the floor to indicate the distance established between the clients, as well as a predefined itinerary to avoid crowds and follow an established order
  • Transparent partitions have been installed for the safety of clients and staff
  • There are informative posters of the closest health care points, as well as the telephone numbers for contacting health emergencies
  • Disinfectant solution dispensers have been installed available to customers
  • The reception staff will carry out continuous disinfection of the customer service bar, as well as the card payment devices and the customer is advised to use their own means of writing, otherwise the staff should take disinfect these between client and client
  • The keys will be deposited in a container exposed for this purpose and are disinfected with approved products each time the client returns them
  • All items or computer equipment are disinfected for use at each change of personnel, as well as items that are susceptible to use by customers
  • The reception toilets are cleaned and disinfected by our staff twice a day and are equipped with electric dryers and individual paper


All our accommodations have been treated by cleaning and disinfecting them with homologated products and following a process established by our risk committee with the guidelines established by the health authorities. Both the procedure and the technical sheets of the products used are available to customers at the reception of the establishment

At a general level, customers are informed that the following actions have been carried out in all our apartments and houses:

  • All textile decoration objects have been removed, as well as hygiene and cleaning amenities, acting in accordance with the defined plan
  • The blankets that will be delivered to each client according to request and need have been removed, and they are disinfected and protected
  • The bed and bath linen has been cleaned at more than 60º C as indicated by the health authorities and has been protected as a risk containment measure
  • All the dishes have been washed and disinfected at high temperatures by our cleaning staff, however, following the instructions of the health authorities, it is recommended that each client carry out a new cleaning before use to increase safety and minimize risk
  • In particular, the following disinfection is carried out within each accommodation, which may have a higher risk of contagion due to its more frequent use:
    • TV and air conditioning controls
    • Door and window handles
    • Cabinet knobs and drawers
    • Buttons of general household appliances
    • Bathroom and kitchen faucets
    • Protection barriers
    • Download button toilet
    • Terrace railings
    • Sliding doors

All our accommodations that have a private pool, its maintenance is carried out through specialized companies that have accepted our PROTOCOL OF ACTION FOR THE REDUCTION OF THE CONTAGION BY THE CORONAVIRUS SARS-CoV-2

In the case of apartments or houses that are part of a neighborhood community, the rules that apply in common recreational areas that may be swimming pools, tennis courts, community barbecues, etc ... Customers must follow the rules that the Community of Neighbors have put in place and that each building will inform by means of posters in the corresponding areas. During the clients' stay, our cleaning and maintenance personnel, if necessary, must access the accommodation with the necessary security equipment and in no case will they do so in the presence of the clients if the safety distance cannot be ensured.


All our establishments that have common areas whose use is our accommodation have been treated by cleaning and disinfecting them with approved products and following a process established by our risk committee with the guidelines